Sunday, May 9, 2010

You Earned It

Happy Mother's Day!
I know here at Super Dad Man we usually focus on the dad (cause that's me), but let's be serious.  In the first few months (or at least the first seven weeks), mom does more.  At least in this household.

I think I can claim I've changed more diapers, but I can't claim to have had to sit up 30-45 minutes three times a night.  I get to change him and fall right back asleep after halfheartedly offering to fill up her water glass. 
Feed me mommy, feed me.  Repeat. 

I don't have to entertain him the 9+ hours I'm at work.  I get to talk to adults, who can speak back to me and behave rationally.  Then, I come home full of energy and 'let mommy have a break' so she can do relaxing things, like the dishes. 
 Don't worry buddy, it won't really rain meatballs

Geez, mom, don't you think you've done enough today already?  My bums

I don't have to worry about finding a wardrobe for my ever-changing body.  I only own one suit, and I bought it in high school.  Mommy manages to look beautiful while wearing hand-me-downs from some other mommy to save money.

 Milo thinks mommy is pretty too.

So happy mother's day mommy.  You're doing a really great job by both me and Mr. Spaghetti Neck. 


  1. Thank you, Andrew. This is the best Mother's Day gift ever. I love you so much, and I can't even tell you how much your support means to me.

  2. So sweet! And I LOVE the pics of Megan and Milo. He's getting so big. Megan is truly blessed to have such an awesome supportive hubby. :)

  3. How sweet! Well said, Andrew!

  4. I love this. Good work, Friends!